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You probably don’t lose sleep at night wondering about the future of garage doors. That’s our job! But you can certainly have fun thinking about it. Technology now develops faster than ever, and it affects every part of our lives — garage doors included. So how will technological trends impact garage doors in the future? New garage door technology tends to focus on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things consists of everyday objects that work with the Internet. Think coffee makers, thermostats and, of course, garage doors. You can control some modern garage door openers with a smartphone app. These smart garage door openers can make your garage more efficient and more secure.

The 3 Latest Advancements in Garage Door Technology

Technology is amazing, and it is mind-boggling—even to us as garage door specialists—how many ways even something as simple as a garage door can be influenced by technology.

For example, here are the 3 latest advancements in garage door technology.

 Advancement #1: Smart Garage Doors

There are a number of technologies today that can open, close and monitor your garage door. The simplest one is a remote garage door opener you keep in your car to open and close the door. Going a bit more advanced, you can connect your garage door technology to a smartphone app and get pinged if the door is left open, or open and close the door remotely. Technology can also be added that will open your garage door automatically when you drive up.

The ultimate experience, and the latest advancement in garage door technology, is to tie your garage door into your entire Smart Home technology package. This will enable you to program your garage door to close on a timer or schedule, lock or unlock remotely, provide you with notifications, offer keyless entry, operate lighting and security features like alarms, and more.

 Advancement #2: Insulated Garage Doors

The walls on your home are insulated, however, many people don’t consider insulating their garage as well. When you think about it, your garage door is the largest entry door to your home and offers the biggest amount of heat loss whenever it is opened. It can also provide a wide space for heat loss that can impact your home’s energy efficiency based on the R-value.

R-value designates the speed at which heat is transmitted. A higher R-value indicates a slower transfer of heat, and higher insulation value. You want a high R-value when choosing your insulated garage door.

Installing an insulated garage door, or insulating your existing door will not only greatly reduce the amount of heat transfer (in summer or winter), it can offer quieter operation, and overall, increase the strength and durability of your garage door.

 Advancement #3: Solar Garage Doors

Now that electric cars are becoming more popular, so are the ways to charge them.

One of the latest advancements in garage door technology is to install a garage door that is made from solar panels—a solar garage door that can store energy throughout the day and recharge your car in the evening, with zero emissions. It is sustainable, clean and efficient.

Once you arrive home, you simply plug your car into the stored energy to recharge it for the next day. Although not widely available yet, this technology is certainly making an inroad into the future.

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